Cosméticos Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a gift from nature

Aloe vera, also known as desert lily looks like a cactus and is one of about 700 species of lilies. It belongs to the species that are used for medical use and is therefore often called the "first aid plant". Applied externally and internally, it exerts a versatile healing effect on the human organism.

Aloe vera, rich in nutrients
The pith of the aloe vera, which is extracted from the leaves is rich in life-giving substances, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and digestive enzymes. The gel of the long sword-shaped leaves of the aloe vera is used for detoxification and regeneration of the human organism and is a pleasant experience for the skin.

The "all rounder" Aloe Vera is an insider tip

Externally, the gel may be applied for many everyday ailments such as insect bites, burns and lacerations, digestive disorders and skin rashes. For ages aloe vera supplements have been estimated to be a highly effective wound healing agent. Among athletes the aloe vera gel is a tip for the treatment of sprains and strains. You can call the aloe vera plant an "all-rounder", with its outstanding and so very diverse properties. In the cosmetic field the gel is used primarily for face creams, face masks, shampoos and hair tonics. Internally, when added to the daily diet it strengthens and invigorates.

Selected, high quality Aloe Vera products
Pure Nature provides the pure Aloe Vera juice made from organic cultivation and Aloe Vera in Canola oil. For men, Aloe Vera can be found in Simple Men shaving gel, fragrance and in the after shave lotion, as well as in different skin care products from the skincare line from Santa Verde.